Tamo Daleko restaurant

The very name of the restaurant gave us the hint as to where to find the inspiration for the design and the visual identity.


Design: Ivan Lukić, Vlada Gvoić
AD: Vlada Gvoić
Organization: Ivan Lukić

Work for:
Life Star - Design Studio

What we did

Identity Desing

Black and Yellow

We chose black and yellow as the main colours of the identity, which fit perfectly into the warm nuisances of the restaurant’s interior.

Industrial and surreal motives

We used illustrations as the main motif for the identity, thus creating the impression of an imaginary and surreal world. The illustrations that we have created evoke the period of the late 19th and early 20th century.


Interior consulting

As an essential part of the project we were included in the process of interior designing. We placed framed illustrations on the central restaurant wall and thoughtfully arranged antique objects.