New city experience

Belgrade is well-known in this part of Europe for its night life. Eclipster is a new web platform which makes surfing through Belgrade complex city life much easier.

The goal was to help visitors find all the useful information in one place.


Design: Ivan Lukić, Marko Živanović, Vladimir Vasić
AD: Vlada Gvoić, Organization: Ivan Lukić

Work for: Life Star - Design Studio

What we did

Brand Identity
Web Design

Night starts here!

We found inspiration in the word Eclipse. Since eclipse is the short period of time when it gets dark we thought it would be a great name for a night life platform.

The symbol is combination of letter E and a sparrow. Did you know that sparrow is an official symbol of Belgrade?

In promotional posts we used illustrations of sparrows (you know why) but also cats since cats are the ultimate city animals.

No time to waste

Just a few clicks away from the information you need. With basic navigation and usage of filters we managed to give the user all the information he could need on a simple one-page website.